The Pyrates by George MacDonald Fraser

» Posted on Oct 20, 2016


This book was recommended to me by my friend Max, and I purchased it a few years ago.   I have enjoyed the George MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman series immensely, and I was interested to see what Fraser writes like when he writes pure comedy.

So far, it’s fantastic.  The writing is still impeccable, and the turns of phrase are funnier-than-hell.  I knew I would be hooked after reading his description of Captain Avery, the hero of the book, in which the narrator gets lost in praising his cliche virtues, then ends with an “etc, etc.”  He gets lost in praise again in the next paragraph, and apologizes.

Knowing the broad strokes of history helps the enjoyment of this book, as well as a healthy sense of humour.  Love it so far.

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