Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

» Posted on Feb 2, 2018

As I learn more and more about The Enneagram of Personality, I’ve come to understand a few important terms in the human condition. One of those terms is “shame”. Shame is feeling bad about yourself, not because you’ve done something bad, but because you believe there is something wrong with you. I am Enneatype 4, and Type 4 feels shame far more acutely than any other.

I now understand how much more difficult my life has been because I was unable to heal my shame, my feeling that there is something deeply wrong with me. I am now resolved to change that. My path is to achieve Santosha: a sanscrit word meaning wholehearted, satisfied, and not wanting. I want to banish shame, but maybe that’s not realistic, since it is a part of me. Instead, let me make peace with shame, coax it out of hiding, and show it to the world.

Daring greatlyShame researcher Brené Brown will be my starting point. She has inspired millions with her TED talks about vulnerability and shame. In her talk she says that the way to diminish the power of shame is to be vulnerable and “enter the arena”, be grateful, and “be enough”. I have already done my best to enter the arena with my various artistic efforts. An article on The Art of Manliness has given me a starting point for practicing gratefulness, and I have now begun a gratefulness journal, thanking people all the time, and sending thank-you notes.

But what does it mean to “be enough”? I mean to answer that question. I am now reading Daring Greatly, by the good Dr. Brown. I will discover what wholehearted people do to feel like they are enough, that no matter what gets done during the course of a day, they did their best, or not, and it’s still good enough. Thanks in advance to Brené Brown for writing this book, and all the people she studied that helped her formulate the concepts that went into this book!

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