Something Big’s in the Works

»Posted on Feb 2, 2018

I’m working on something important… I don’t want to say exactly what it is yet because I want to build up suspense. Mwah hah hah. Suffice to say that it is a way for me to finally help people directly, and to usher more art and expression into the world. More news later!

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Conduit – A Contemporary Dance Show

»Posted on Nov 14, 2017

Free Flow Dance is having their big shows November 17th and 18th at Persephone Theatre, and my piece, The Bohemian’s Progress, is being played by amazing peeps, Mac Talla Quartet. It’s on at 8 PM both nights. For the first time, live music will be combined with Jennifer Bezaire’s dancing. We rehearsed together for the first time yesterday and it was energizing. It will be a thrill to be there onstage with an audience. Hope to see you there!

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Bohemian’s Progress to be performed at FreeFlow Dance Centre

»Posted on Sep 8, 2017

The long-awaited moment has arrived: I will at last get to see the dance routine that has been set to my piece, The Bohemian’s Progress.  This is a privilege that most people will never get to enjoy in their lifetimes, and I intend to savour it.  I’ll get to see it on September 23rd, 2017, at the FreeFlow Dance Centre at 8:00 PM, and I think you should attend as well!

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“Symbiotes” Published in Polar Borealis

»Posted on Aug 21, 2017

Check it out: My short story, Symbiotes, has been published in Polar Borealis!

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Mac Talla Quartet at the Refinery!

»Posted on Mar 23, 2017

Our first official concert is on Friday, March 24th.  It will feature quite a few arrangements I have made for this particularly talented group.  There will be classical, Celtic, ragtime, singing, improv, and whatever else we feel like playing.  Tickets are available here:

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Rank ‘N Review: Breast Episode Ever

»Posted on Jan 16, 2017

I’m back as co-host on movie podcast Rank ‘N Review! This episode, the topic is exploitation cinema.  Hear Larry, me, and a mystery guest rank six movies of shaky moral quality.  SPOILER: (the movies aren’t very good) Here’s a link to the episode.  While you’re there, feel free to check out some of my earlier episodes, too.

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