A song for Dorion

» Posted on Oct 20, 2016

Recently, a friend of mine was attacked as she walked down the street.  She turned the tables on her attacker with her mad judo skillz, knocked him over, and captured him until the cops arrived.  She says she’s okay.

I have heard the phrase “toxic manhood” a lot recently, and I think it’s a very apt term.  I hate that women have to constantly assess their safety when they are alone with a man.

What can I, a lone troubadour, do to help this situation?  I’ve chosen to glorify Dorion’s deed with a song.  It’s not much, but it will be worth it if just one woman hears it and remembers that she can fight back if she’s attacked.  Or it would be worth it if just one asshole decides not to force himself on a woman.  But most of all, it will be worth it if Dorion hears it and knows that she is powerful, and what she did was heroic.

That’s the idea, anyway.  I hope this song turns out well, because it’s important to me.

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